Velex Innovation

We're continuously finding smarter, scalable and sustainable ways to render the services we offer to our clients.

Our goal is to give our clients their desired results in as little time as possible. This can prove to be challenging as several factors can slow down this process.

That’s where Velex Innovation comes in. Creating products that aggregates all our service into a single middleware platform, our clients can plug-in directly for a seamless integration with service providers.

Speedy Integrations

Using a middleware structure to aggregate technology solution providers and plug in clients.


Providing data useful to all branches of operation. From marketing to accounting.

Staying Updated

Velex Innovation will be on the lookout of trends and changes in the industry and implementing accordingly in favour of our clients.

Custom Solutions

In cases where there isn’t a solution readily available for a client’s needs, the team is responsible for producing a working solution.
We mean business

We have progressed as a critical stakeholder in the gaming sector in West Africa. Read More

We've been operating since 2019
We've helped 12+ clients registered trademarks, secured gaming licenses and integrated multiple software solutions
in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Gambia, Sierra Leone and Benin Republic.
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