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Importance of Data Protection Compliance

  • A mandatory requirement to comply with the law
  • Protets the privacy of customer's personal data
  • Promotes company integrity
  • Gain your customer's trust on the protection and security of their personal data

Data Protection

Data is considered to be the 'oil' of the digital era and the internet and smartphones have contributed significantly to making data more valuable and almost all transactions conducted online requires the release of some form of personal data.

This introduces the risk of having personal sensitive information being potentially shared with or sold to high level security agents or blue-chip companies to enable surveillance and data gathering.

In Nigeria, the Nigeria Data Protection Bureau regulates the protection of personal data of Nigerians both home and abroad.

Skills & expertise
At core, we are an advisory and compliance firm and see the protection of personal data as of utmost priority to the growth and sustainability of business particularly online business.
We facilitate data protection training and certification to ensure compliance with local and international laws.

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